Sexism in The Psych Ward

Insights Of A Bipolar Rambler

When I first started on this Mental Health roller coaster at 17 it was a nightmare. We all knew I had issues with depression and severe anxiety. I was self medicating with alcohol and not disclosing this yet. The first three doctors had me fill out a sheet of questions and hand them in. Then I would speak to the doctor. Each one was pretty much the same. “So you are depressed and anxious?” to which I would reply “yes”. “Any abuse in your family that you maybe not telling me?” “NO” “Absolutely not” I would answer. They would shuffle papers not asking anything else write a prescription for an antidepressant and send me to a therapist. That was it. The therapist was always female and also would cling to the idea of abuse. One going far enough to suggest something about my father. My father is the most honest…

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10 thoughts on “Sexism in The Psych Ward

  1. Iim so sorry! I’ve gone private. I will be pulling restraining order on her. Please, just destroy her!! I’ve had enough. You have my email. She picked the wrong woman. Maybe it’s her karma!

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    1. No problem. I responded in a firm, somewhat nice way, told her to concentrate on herself and we are all on here because we need the people we meet I also told her I relive the bad things that have happened to me everyday in detail. I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. The difference is the person in my life has stayed exactly the same, he still brags about what he did and drinks. There is no hope of him changing. When someone acknowledges they have a problem and seeks help it’s a different story, there’s hope for forgiveness. At least I think there is.

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